Culbert, Mary B.

Mary B. Culbert, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, The Loyola Law School Center For Conflict Resolution

Clinical Professor of Law
Director, The Loyola Law School Center For Conflict Resolution

Courses Taught

  • Mediation
  • The Center for Conflict Resolution Clinical Externship



  • BS, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • JD, Loyola Law School 


Certified Bilingual Mediator (English/Spanish), Attorney, Conflict Resolution Consultant, Community Mediation Trainer, and Former Clinical Professor and Director of the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, with over 27 years’ experience working in mediation, including: mediating, conciliating, directing community and court-affiliated mediation programs, training and supervising law students in clinical mediation programs, designing and conducting mediation programs, training individuals from all backgrounds in mediation skills and techniques, mentoring and training advanced mediators, acting as a resource to local, state and federal agencies regarding the design and implementation of mediation programs, serving on local and state boards most notably the State Bar Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution as a member since its inception in 1996 until 2001, and thereafter as an advisor to that committee (20 years), and personally mediating and conciliating over 2000 disputes, many which involved community, court, multi-party and/or highly sensitive discrimination issues. Also worked with members of the Judicial Council Working Group to create Ethical Standards of Practice for Mediators in Court-Connected Mediation and served an appointment to the Judicial Council Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee, ADR Subcommittee Working Group on Uniform Procedures for Addressing Complaints about Court-Program Mediators.  Recognized in the "TOP NEUTRALS" Supplement to the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals and to the Sacramento Recorder, in the section on "Community Mediators: taking it to the streets." (2007) The 2009 Recipient of the Ester Soriano Peacemaker of the Year Award from Los Angeles County DRP Program Mediators, and the 2010 Recipient of the Ester Soriano Award for Excellence in Community Mediation from the California Dispute Resolution Council.  In the summer of 2011, Professor Culbert provided mediation training to a group of high-ranking judges, attorneys and law professors in Bangladesh. In 2012 and 2013, she developed a new model and clinic for providing Collaborative Divorce Mediation Services in conjunction with the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association. She was the Award Recipient of the 2013 DRP Case of the Year Award, and the Award Recipient, on behalf of the CCR, of the 2014 DRP Outstanding Program of the Year Award, Collaborative Mediation, from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. She is an Award Recipient of the 2015 Southern California Mediation Association Education Foundation Director’s Award for Contributions to ADR Education. From 2015 through 2016, she worked to create the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution Dependency Court Mediation Program in conjunction with Los Angeles Dependency Court Judges Levanas and Trendacosta, Commissioner Mordetzky and Robert Sowell of the Human Relations Commission. In fall of 2017, she received the Randolph Lowry Award for “passion and dedication to education in the field of dispute resolution.” In 2018, Ms. Culbert and Ms. Sara Campos were co-recipients of the DRP Case of the Year Award from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. In 2019, the LCCR received the DRP Outstanding Program of the Year Award from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for its Dependency Court Mediation Program. In 2019, Ms. Culbert was honored by the Los Angeles Superior Court “In recognition of your extraordinary dedication to ensuring that mediation services are available to families and children served by the Los Angeles Superior Court, Juvenile Division,” and by Loyola Law School “In recognition of your leadership, years of service and commitment to Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution and the people it serves.” In 2019, Ms. Culbert, along with Sara Campos and Therese White, were recognized for their contributions to Just the Beginning – A Pipeline Organization (Gavel Award). In 2020, Ms. Culbert provided a series of public-service, zoom webinars to the mediation community. Ms. Culbert received the 2021 Los Angeles County, John Allen Buggs Leadership Award (a John Anson Ford Human Relations Award) on January 18, 2022.