Resident Associate Program

Take advantage of cost savings by hiring a well-trained and qualified first year associate. The Resident Associate Program (RAP) is designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size firms that do not typically hire entry-level associates. In the last six years, employers have hired 75 Resident Associates.

What Does RAP Offer

  • Cost Savings: Participating employers determine their Resident Associate's annual salary, but we recommend a range of $65,000 - $85,000. Benefits are not required, but strongly encouraged. 
  • Experience: Select from practice-ready candidates with a substantial amount of practical training, including hands-on experience in the field and stimulated practice in the classroom.
  • Commitment: Try out an associate for one year before making a longer-term commitment.
  • Application Process: Submit your hiring criteria and let us collect the application materials for you.
  • Interviews: Interview schedules can be prearranged for you (Optional).

What Employers Are Saying About RAP

“In recent years, Severson has not had a summer associate or first year program. The Loyola RAP program has been a great way for us to fill that gap. Severson is honored to participate in RAP in its mission to provide new lawyers with practical experience. Each year we look forward to meeting new potential candidates and seeing their excitement in joining the legal profession.”

Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly '07, Member
Severson & Werson, A Professional Corporation

“I thought RAP was a great idea. It is less risk to the firm and the graduates. We have hired several grads and have enjoyed having them. Loyola makes a difficult process easier and more efficient.”

Kent Brandmeyer '88, Partner
Law + Brandmeyer LLP

“Our Resident Associate is great! I have told multiple people about this program. I can’t believe how great it is. I like the program very much and I would recommend it.”

John Nojima, Partner
Lederer Nojima LLP


Registration for our 2021-2022 program is currently closed.


To learn more about RAP, please contact the Career Development Office at (213)736-1150 or