Felicia Fanucchi

Boeing Employee Broadens Skills at Loyola MLS Program

Felicia Fanucchi
Felicia Fanucchi

As an employee at Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company, Felicia Fanucchi has served in a number of challenging roles over the past 10 years, including providing strategic asset management and tactical fleet support to various humanitarian, disaster-relief and peacekeeping missions. Her work requires collaboration with cross-functional, global teams and government agencies on research, analysis, audits and compliance with regulations, among other activities.

In such a competitive, demanding work environment, Fanucchi was determined to broaden and deepen her skillset, and she decided to do so by pursuing a Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS) at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

"With a strong commitment to continuing my education, I searched for a program that provided the opportunity to differentiate my skills, and gain expert knowledge in navigating the evolving global legal environment," Fanucchi says. "Loyola’s unique MLS curriculum with a specialization in international business and intellectual property law was the perfect fit for me."

Fanucchi began her studies at Loyola Law in Fall 2016 and already has benefited at Boeing where she has accepted new opportunities in key areas of the business – first in contracts and procurement and, most recently, in export control for the C-17 program.

"I have gained a real-world perspective of the inner workings of the law, its impact on society, and how its application is critical to every aspect of a successful business transaction," she says.

Although Fanucchi acknowledges that finding a work-school-life balance is challenging, she credits Loyola’s supportive culture for making it possible — "Loyola has a strong network of colleagues, staff and professors that want you to succeed. That makes a big difference."  

As part of that culture, Fanucchi is excited to join the newly formed MLS Student Organization, and hopes to run for one of its office positions.

"I am excited to see where the remainder of my studies take me as I focus on gaining expert knowledge in my international business and intellectual property law studies, and my interests in the legal field continue to grow."

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