Ami Silverman Endowment Fund

The Ami Silverman Endowment Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) Fund, started in 2007, provides summer stipends of up to $1,500 to public interest law students.  Sterling Franklin and Larry Franklin, trustees of the Morris S. Smith Foundation, provided a generous donation to start the Fund in honor of Ami Silverman '87 for her work with the Loyola Law School Alumni Association.  Application deadlines and the selection of the awarded recipient/s occur during each spring semester and are overseen by the PILF student organization in conjunction with Ami Silverman.  View of past award recipients.

Association of Business Trial Lawyers Scholarship

The Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers (ABTL) offers one annual $1,000 scholarship to each of the five ABA accredited law schools in Los Angeles County.  Applicants must be a third or fourth-year law student from an ABA-accredited law school, demonstrate a commitment to public service, demonstrate good academic performance and be in the top 20% of the class and must be in financial need.  When applications are accepted, students will be notified via email during October or November by the Public Interest Law Department.  A recipient will be selected from the applications received by the LLS Public Interest Law Committee and submitted to the ABTL Public Service Committee and the ABTL Board of Governors for final approval.  The awarded recipient will be invited to attend an ABTL dinner event usually held during the month of February for presentation of the scholarship award.

California Bar Foundation Public Interest Bar Exam Scholarship

In 2014, the California Bar Foundation combined the Public Interest Scholarship and the Rosenthal Bar Exam Scholarship and created the Public Interest Bar Exam Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to graduating law students embarking on public interest law careers to help pay the costs associated with taking the California Bar Exam.  Applicants must be graduating from a California law school during the academic year that the scholarship is offered and be taking the CA Bar Exam for the first time.  All scholarship winners will receive a free Bar/Bri Law Review Bar Exam review course, with top winners also receiving a cash prize to help defray the fees and related expenses of taking the California Bar Exam.  Candidates must demonstrate and document a strong commitment to public service, intend to pursue a public interest legal career after law school, and provide verification of financial need.  The Public Interest Law Department will notify students via official notice e-mail and InBrief, Loyola's electronic news letter, during the month of January when applications become available and the deadline date by which students must apply.  For additional information regarding the scholarship, please go to the CA Bar Foundation website or direct your questions to

Martin & Ordubegian Scholarship

The Martin & Ordubegian Scholarship was established in 2005 by George Thomas Martin II '01 and Agnes Ordubegian Martin '01 as a measure of gratitude for their Loyola experience.  The scholarship was created to assist academically outstanding students by providing a scholarship to students who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and who are dedicated to public interest work.  Applicants must be a second-year Day or second-year Evening student in the top 50% of their class and demonstrate an interest in serving the Armenian community.  During October, second-year students will be notified by the Public Interest Law Department via email when applications become available.