Entertainment Law Practicum

Interested in working for some of the leading entertainment companies in Los Angeles?

Interested in working for some of the leading entertainment companies in Los Angeles while in law school?

Students may obtain positions in the legal departments of companies in most branches of the entertainment and media industries—from the largest studios to independent production companies, and in law firms with entertainment and media practices. Students in the past have worked at Marvel; Warner Bros.; Lionsgate; Insomniac; Anonymous Content; Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, and more.

Loyola Law students are permitted to earn credit for a combination of their field placement work and completion of the Entertainment Law Practicum course focusing on important aspects of the practice of law in the entertainment industry context, and a paper regarding their field placement. 

Who is eligible to participate?

LLS students in academic good standing are eligible to participate after completion of their first year of law school. Students seeking to extern during the summer after their first year should be advised that academic performance during their first year will be considered in determining whether they may participate.

The Entertainment Law Practicum ("ELP") course will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students enrolled in a field placement during the summer will need to be enrolled in the Private Placement course concurrently with their field placement.

How many units can a student receive? How many hours must a student work?

Students enrolled in ELP will receive 1 unit for the course component and an additional 2-4 units for an unpaid field placement during the school year. Students must complete a minimum of 52 hours per unit in their field placement.

Other requirements are detailed in the Entertaiment Field Placement Application which must be filled out and submitted to the Private Field Placement Department, FH227, regardless of whether the student is in a paid or unpaid field placement. 

How do I get an Entertainment Field Placement?

Students are responsible for obtaining their own positions that qualify for credit. However, the entertainment student organizations (notably, the Entertainment and Sports Law Society (ESLS), Women in Entertainment Law Society (WELS), the Loyola Sports Law Association (LSLA), and the Loyola Entertainment Law Review (ELR)), as well as the Career Services Center, often notify students of internship and externship opportunities.

Students should also build and use their own networks for potential field placements. The primary requirement is that the field placement must involve a substantial component of legal type work under legal supervision (e.g., will not be primarily a clerical or administrative position).

All unpaid field placements must also be vetted and approved by the Program Director of Private Field Placements, Prof. Grace Parrish.  All students should email Prof. Parrish at grace.parrish@lls.edu once they have identified a field placement so that she can confirm that the placement meets the requirements and will qualify for units.

Note: Students with paid internships cannot receive private field placement credit, but may still participate in the Entertainment Law Practicum class.