Laptop Printing

Loyola Law School has incorporated the PaperCut system for student printing, scanning and copying documents. The printers are located in the computer lab on the 2nd floor of the Rains Library.

The printing, scanning (HP machine) and copying (HP machine) functions are accessible using your LLS username and password.

Web Printing VS. Laptop Printing

You may print directly from your laptop, either Windows or MAC, using PaperCut with either of the following two methods.

The first time you try to print, a PaperCut Login Box will appear requiring you to enter your PROWL username and password. Once you are logged in, PaperCut will show you in a pop-up window your current BALANCE. If the balance window is not visible, click the icon in your windows system tray in the lower right side of your desktop or Apple MAC dock.

Releasing Your Print Job(s) from the Computer Lab Black & White Printers (location back wall)

  • Use the PC release station next to the printer and type your username and password.
  • Use the mouse to select to Print or Cancel your print job(s).

Releasing Your Print Job from the Computer Lab Color Printer (location left of the stained glass window) ***Do NOT load regular laser print paper in the Color Printer***

  • To Release your Print job(s), touch the printer touch pad screen and select the ID Number button and touch the blank field underneath "ID".
  • Enter your Student ID number using either the on-screen keyboard or the key pad on the side of the printer and press OK.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct numbers and press OK again.
  • Press the Print Release button and all your pending print jobs will be shown. You can select jobs individually and press Print or Print All.
  • To Cancel a print job, select it and press the Cancel Job button.
  • To finish releasing or deleting print jobs you MUST press the Home button and remember to press the Sign Out button on the home screen.

For further information contact the Library Computer Lab Staff.