Wellness & Convenience Collection


The Rains Library is committed to student wellness.  It understands that study breaks are essential for relieving stress and relaxing the mind.  In addition, the library provides convenience and technology items for times when students forget to bring their own.  Books are not the only things we check out!  The following are examples of student wellness and convenience items that circulate:

  • board games
  • hula hoop
  • flash drives
  • puzzles
  • soccer ball
  • yoga mat
  • jump rope
  • football
  • phone chargers (Android & iPhone)
  • frisbee
  • backrest support
  • umbrellas

The items are available for checkout to LLS students for a period of 3 hours (and may be renewed if there are no holds).  Inquire at the Circulation Desk. 

To see a list of available items, check the Student Wellness and Convenience Items featured list.

If there’s an item you’d like to have added to the Wellness & Convenience Collection, email circdesk@lls.edu, and we’ll do our best to acquire it.