Services for Recent Graduates

24/7 Lack Reading Room Access

During your time studying for the bar, you will continue to have 24/7 access to the Lack Reading Room. Just swipe in with your student ID. 

Continued Westlaw Access

The library pays for all graduates to have 60 hours per month of Westlaw access for 18 months after graduation. If you receive a warning that you are almost out of hours, don't panic! Your hours will reset the following month.

Continued Lexis Access

Lexis allows students graduating in the Spring to continue using their student Lexis accounts until December 15 of the same year. 

Continued Bloomberg Access

Bloomberg allow students to continue using their student Bloomberg accounts for six months after they graduate.

CEB/OnLaw Access

CEB provides all new attorneys with one year of free access to its CEB practice guide series through its OnLaw database. To learn more and sign up, visit

More Resources

No matter how long ago you graduated, you will always be welcome at the library to use selected databases, check out books, and get research advice. Please see our page on Services for Alumni for details.