Examination Software

Loyola Law School has entered into a licensing agreement with ExamSoft, Inc. Examplify, the examination software provided by ExamSoft, is the same software that is used by the California State Bar.  As part of this contract, ExamSoft, Inc. becomes the primary Technology Support entity for SofTest exams given by the Loyola Law School.

If you experience problems with Examplify during the exam, you are instructed to STOP, DROP AND WRITE (Contact the Proctor for a Blue Book).  After the exam, please report any technical issues you encountered directly to ExamSoft, Inc. at: 866-429-8889, Option 3.  Law School technology support personnel will be on hand at exams, but they can only offer to help students before the exam starts, or help retrieve exams files once the examination is over.

The following procedures for obtaining the correct exam software for your computer should be followed very closely. We encourage everyone to take care of preparing your computer for exams early.

General Exam Considerations:

  • All computers being used for exam purposes must have a wireless network connection so you can upload the exam when you're finished.

Installation and Registration:

To install and register Examplify on your laptop, please do the following:

  1. Visit www.examsoft.com/llslaw then click the 'Exam Takers' link.
  2. Log in using the Student ID and password included in the bottom of the email sent to you.
  3. Select the PC or Mac client to download and install.
  4. Launch Examplify and register it using your Student ID and password (the same you used to log in).

Once you have registered the software, you will receive an on-screen notification that you have completed the process. You will also receive an email confirmation. Note that you must register Examplify before your first exam or you will be required to handwrite your exams. If you have any questions or issues with registration, contact ExamSoft technical support at support@examsoft.com or call toll-free at 866.429.8889, select option #3 and then #4.

After registering Examplify, launch the program by double-clicking the Examplify icon on your Windows/MAC Desktop. Click the "Take an Exam" button. On the Examplify Start Window, select the examination named "ExamplifyTest_(year)".

Note: You will be required to take the practice "ExamplifyTest_(year)" examination and submit your answer file using the software. Those students who do not meet this requirement will have to handwrite their examination. This is a practice exam to make sure the software will work on your computer.

This is not to be confused with the “Survey_(year)”, which enables you to familiarize yourself with the SofTest exam environment.