A successful job search incorporates application submissions to employers, participation in on-campus hiring fairs and receptions, and networking.

Jobs on Symplicity

Career Development receives jobs from employers on a daily basis. We post those opportunities to students and graduates on the Loyola Law School Symplicity system. Symplicity is an online one-stop shop to view and apply to job announcements, request counseling appointments, RSVP for our programs, watch recordings of past events, participate in the On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program, review employer profiles, read summer feedback forms, and complete career-related surveys and forms. Students will receive account information during their first semester. If you are a non-Loyola Law School student seeking reciprocal services, please consult our reciprocity policy.

On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program and Other Recruitment Events

OCI is a job application process through which law firms of all sizes, government agencies at local, state, and federal levels, public interest organizations, accounting firms, and other employers recruit students. OCI employers often seek applicants for summer jobs, but may also hire for positions during the academic year and for post-graduation. Many of the summer jobs, particularly for 2Ls, have the potential to lead to post-graduate offers. Career Development coordinates OCI every fall and spring. Fall OCI has more employers. It is also when large law firms recruit. Because big firms tend to be very selective, Fall OCI is viewed as more competitive.

Aside from OCI, Career Development hosts a Law Firm Reception twice a year. This event is geared towards small and mid-sized firms. We also host Government Fair each October where students can meet attorneys at various local, state, and federal agencies. A number of consortia and organizations host off-campus recruiting fairs. Check the Events Calendar on Symplicity and your email inbox for details on these programs.


Networking should be approached with the same zeal and effort put into job applications.  For more information, consult our guide on networking on our Resource page.