The Loyola Project for the Innocent’s clients are men and women who are serving decades-long or life sentences in California prisons for crimes they did not commit. Below are some stories of those who have been released from prison as a result of LPI’s efforts.

Dwight Jones Hero

Dwight Jones

Served 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence for a crime he did not commit,

Johnathon Ramos LPI client

Jonathon Ramos

College student released after eight years in prison

Marlon Yates

Released after serving 27 years for a crime he didn't commit

LPI Release- Emon & Mom

Emon Barnes

Wrongfully convicted as a teen finally released

Jane Dorotik Zoom Call

Jane Dorotik

Murder conviction overturned

Janet Dixon Square

Janet Dixon

Unlawful sentence overturned after 39 years in prison

Maria Mendez

A Grandmother Finally Free


Andrew Leander Wilson

Innocent Man in Jail 32 Years


Jaime Ponce

LPI's Third Release of 2017

Kash Register

Kash Delano Register

Exonerated After 34 Years

Michael Tirpak

Free after serving 25 years

Marco Contreras

Released after wrongful conviction overturned.

Obie Anthony

"Loyola is the buoy that fell into the water as I was drowning."