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Man resentenced to time served for 2000 double homicide at Casa Loma Park

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Defense:New findings show evidence against Valley Center woman in decades-old murder case is unreliable

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California man expected to have conviction overturned 

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Gascón team eager to take second look at questionable convictions

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Op-Ed: Gascon’s Evidence-Based Policies Will Help Reduce Wrongful Convictions & Move LA Forward November 18, 2020

George Gascón Announces Transition Team for DA’s Office

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S.D. Woman's Murder Conviction Thrown Out After DA Abruptly Drops Opposition to New Trial Bid

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Jane Dorotik Happy and Relieved After Judge Overturns her Murder Conviction

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Lawyers, family of San Quentin inmate with sickle cell make clemency plea after COVID-19 diagnosis

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2 men released from prison with help from Loyola Law School students

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Two Inmates Released After Being Convicted of Murder

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Loyola Law School's Project for the Innocent Secures Reversal of Client's Murder Conviction After Repeal of Felony Murder Rule

Loyola Law School: September 27, 2018

Loyola Project for the Innocent Secures Part of $830K Grant from Justice Department to Fund Post-Conviction DNA Testing

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Judge Orders Release of Woman Who Served 11 Years Behind Bars In Grandson's Death

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Great Grandmother Freed From Prison After 11 Years for Crime She Didn't Commit

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Inside a Loyola Innocence Project Success

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Loyola's Project for the Innocent Secures Third Release in a Month

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Andrew Wilson Freed After 32 Years in Prison

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Season 7: Life After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned

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Distinguished Appellate Attorney Paula Mitchell Appointed to Lead Project for the Innocent

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The Good Prosecutor; Locking up the guilty is only part of the job  March 11, 2015

Innocence is not cause for exoneration; Justice Scalia's embarrassing question

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California is overdue in adopting rule on exculpatory evidence

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LPI celebrates Innocence Day by hosting a panel of exonerees to share their stories

New York Times:  September 9, 2014

CA State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano writes a letter to the NYT in which he discusses a bill he is proposing to correct prosecutorial misconduct based on his meeting with LPI client, Obie Anthony

NBC:  April 30, 2014

LPI challenges client Maria Mendez's conviction; Professor Laurie Levenson, "Shaken baby syndrome is not a science, it's voodoo"  December 17, 2013

The case of LPI client Kash Delano Register answers the question, "Without DNA evidence, how could we challenge eyewitness testimony that sent our client to prison for 34 years?"

Los Angeles Times:  November 8, 2013

Kash Delano Register exonerated by LPI;  "34 Year Wait for Justice Finally Over"

Los Angeles Times:  October 1, 2011

LPI helps overturn Obie Anthony's life sentence for a murder he did not commit