We communicate directly with inmates about their cases. Please ask your incarcerated loved ones to mail us directly.

We accept cases for people who are claiming their innocence or that they were wrongfully convicted. Our Project assists those who:

  • Are currently incarcerated in California state prison,
  • Had convictions in Central and Southern California,
  • Have exhausted all appeals,
  • Are indigent, and
  • Are not currently represented by counsel.

If you believe a loved one has been wrongfully convicted, please have the inmate 1) complete this LPI Questionnaire and 2) write a letter and send them both to:

Loyola Project for the Innocent
919 Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA 91101

The letter should contain:

  • Date and county of conviction
  • Charges inmate was convicted of and sentence received
  • Trial court case number and attorney's name
  • If inmate appealed: date of appeal, appellate attorney name, appellate case number
  • Dates of any petitions for writ of habeas corpus filed
  • Details of inmate's claim of innocence, including what went wrong at trial, what investigation needs to be done to show innocence, what evidence may exist to prove innocence.

Loyola Project for the Innocent receives hundreds of letters each year. If you or a loved one has sent us a letter, please be patient.