William Hannon Distinguished Professor of Law Chair

William Hannon Distinguished Professor of Law Chair

William H. Hannon was born on October 2, 1913, in Los Angeles and died on November 4, 1999, in the same city he called home for a lifetime. He is remembered as a community builder whose passion for real estate was matched only by his passion for giving away the riches he had made.

After graduating from Loyola High School in 1933, William attended Loyola University in Westchester (now Loyola Marymount University). In 1937 William began work with Fritz B. Burns & Associates. They subdivided thousands of acres in Westchester, then built and sold homes to GIs returning from World War II. William Hannon and Fritz Burns then went on to develop Playa del Rey, Panorama City and Ontario in Southern California.

William continued in the real estate business independently of Fritz Burns, buying apartments, industrial buildings, and operating the popular San Fernando Swap Meet. He also served as president of the Fritz B. Burns Foundation, founded by his former partner and mentor.

In 1983, William formed his own philanthropy, the William H. Hannon Foundation. Over the years, the Hannon Foundation has supported many Catholic schools, Missions and hospitals, as well as numerous other public and private nonprofit organizations in Southern California.

During his life, William was a major benefactor of his alma mater, Loyola Marymount University, serving as an Honorary Trustee and a Regent Emeritus. From Hannon Field to the Hannon Apartments, named in honor of his mother, Eugenie B. Hannon, William’s spirit and the Hannon name continue to live on at LMU today. A new state-of-the-art library, the William H. Hannon Library opened in August 2009.

In addition to LMU, the William H. Hannon Foundation supports other local universities and colleges (Mount St. Mary's College, Marymount College, Loyola Law School, and University of San Diego, to name a few), high schools, elementary schools and preschools.

William was also very proud to be named a Knight of St. Gregory and to receive the 1994 Cardinal’s Award from the leader of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony. William’s Catholic faith and the promotion of the Church and its good works were central to his life.

The William H. Hannon Foundation carries on his legacy today. 

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