Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding Service

Loyola Law School provides email forwarding service to its Alumni. Sign up for this service and receive the latest information about other alums, reunions, symposia, seminars, panel presentations and more.

Your Alumni e-mail is a lifetime forwarding service: e-mail sent to your Alumni e-mail address is forwarded to your existing e-mail address. While your other e-mail addresses may change as you change jobs or Internet providers, your Alumni address remains the same.

Please provide the Alumni Office with a current e-mail address to which we can forward your email. Your address will be very easy to remember: "". If the e-mail address you provide us for forwarding changes, just re-submit the form with your new e-mail address to ensure that you continue to get your Alumni mail.

Loyola Law School will use your Alumni email addresses for official communications only. It will never be provided to outside agencies. There are no advertisements nor is the service used for any non-law school business. Loyola Law School will retain exclusive control over your account information, ensuring that your email address is not sold or provided to outside marketing companies. 

Begin or Update Forwarding


You may cancel your Alumni service at any time. To do so, or if you have any other questions about the service, send us a message.