Host a Connecting Point

Host a Connecting Point

Loyola Connecting Points: An Alumni Outreach Program for Recent Graduates

Loyola Connecting Points provides alumni who have graduated within the past five to 10 years with an opportunity to network and learn from Loyola Law School's vast and talented alumni community. Each event, or "Connecting Point," will focus on a specific area of practice, topic of interest or affinity, and will be designed to further the professional development of our recent alumni and help them establish successful careers.

The goal of the outreach program is to provide a wide variety of connecting points, in small and personal settings, at which recent alumni can interact with experienced Loyola lawyers who have been practicing for more than 10 years or run their own firm.

We encourage you to get involved, share your knowledge and host an event that would be convenient for you.

It's easy to get involved and the opportunities for you to host an event are limitless. Events can be
formal or informal; some examples of Connecting Points include:

  • Shadow visits to a courtroom
  • Host breakfast, lunch or dinner at your office, a restaurant or your home
  • Q & A session during a law firm visit
  • Happy hour networking mixer

If you would like to host a Connecting Point, please contact Brandy Estelle [] or Eliza Ghanooni [].

We appreciate your support and participation in creating these Connecting Points for
our recent alumni!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Connecting Points, please email Maya Kalinowski [], Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, or call 213.736.1029.