Please note: This checklist is intended as a summary and is accurate for most students -- but in some cases, exceptions or special circumstances apply. Your definitive source is the
California Bar Exam & Admissions Web Site.

  • I have taken the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). The MPRE is given three times a year, in March, August, and November. Students are encouraged to take the MPRE examination after completion of Ethical Lawyering. (MPRE dates, deadlines, fees and registration forms are available at the
    National Council of Bar Examiners)
  • I have completed the Application for Determination of Moral Character. You must submit this to the State Bar of California, Office of Admissions at least eight months prior to the date you wish to be admitted to practice law. Once the determination is made, it is valid for two years.(Application forms and other information: California Bar Examination & Admissions - Moral Character)
  • I have graduated from Loyola Law School with a Juris Doctor. Once you submit the Application to take the California State Bar Examination, the California Bar will send a certification form to the Loyola Law School Office of the Registrar. The OTR verifies your graduation date and degree and submits an official transcript to the California Bar.
  • I plan to use my laptop to take the State Bar of California Examination, and I have read and complied with the instructions for using my computer‌ (CBXLaptopInstructions0711Rev0511.pdf). 
  • I have taken the Bar Exam. The bar exam is administered twice: February and July. In order to secure a seat you must submit an Application to Take the California Bar Examination. The Timely Filing Deadline for the February Bar exam is around November 1; the final deadline is January 15. For the July Bar, you should apply around April 1; the final deadline is June 15. Application forms and other information: California Bar Exam & Admissions

Computer Usage for the California Bar Examination

All examinees planning to use their personal computers to take the California Bar Examination must follow the instructions for using SofTest as required by the State Bar of California (CBXLaptopInstructions0711Rev0511.pdf). By reading this document carefully, you will reduce the chances of encountering any technical or procedural difficulties at the time of your examination. There will be no IT assistance provided at the examination site. Remember, to download, register, test and certify the exam software, you will need to access the Access SofTest for the California Bar Exam.

The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) portion of the examination is not available on computer. Do not bring your laptop computer to the MBE sessions of the examination.

Results and Swearing-In Ceremonies

The results for the July California State Bar Examination are usually released in late November and the Swearing-In Ceremony usually takes place on the Loyola Law School campus the first week of December. The results for the February California State Bar Examination are usually released at the end of May and the Swearing-In Ceremony usually takes place the first week of June on the Loyola Law School campus.

All Loyola Law School students who pass the California State Bar Examination will be sent an invitation to participate in the Swearing-In Ceremony.