Join LLS on LinkedIn

Loyola Law School rebooted its LinkedIn presence in 2014. Below is a quick guide to the offerings.


LinkedIn University Page landing pageOverview: In 2014, LinkedIn began offering colleges the opportunity to create special University Pages. Loyola launched its University Page in spring 2014. The page works as an umbrella page for all of those whose LinkedIn profiles include the Law School. Currently, more than 11,300 LinkedIn users are connected to Loyola’s University Page – more than 9,100 of them as alumni. Others are connected because their LinkedIn profiles identify them as Loyola staff members, professors or in some related capacity.

Features:  Loyola’s University Page allows users to easily sift through Loyola alumni via a wide variety of criteria, including company, job type and home city. Not surprisingly, LA ranks No. 1 on the list of home cities. But rounding out the top 10 are Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, New York City, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Denver – in that order. Work categories range from Legal and Entrepreneurship to Media & Communications and Healthcare Services and more. Results are organized based on the individual user’s degrees of connection to the other members. It’s a great way to find old connections and make new ones. The University Page is also a good source of LLS information; the Law School regularly posts event information, alumni offerings and the dean’s messages.

You can reach Loyola’s University Page via a variety of pathways:

  • Direct link.
  • Type “Loyola Law School” into the search box at the top of the page. The results box will include a category called “Universities” where you will see Loyola Law School listed next to its logo.
  • When you log into LinkedIn, you may be automatically directed to the University Page based on your noted affiliation with the Law School. Ensure that you have identified your affiliation with Loyola properly in your LinkedIn profile as “Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.”

Note: As a LinkedIn requirement, Loyola maintains a LinkedIn Company Page that provides a very basic listing of Loyola. This is not to be confused with the University Page. 


LinkedIn Alumni PageOverview and features: The “Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Official Alumni Group” is the Law School’s official alumni LinkedIn presence. The group is a hub for dialogue among alumni members, who can join discussion threads or start their own. It also allows for the posting of jobs. Loyola thanks alumni Alec Borenstein and Martin Hochman for their pioneering work to create LinkedIn alumni groups.

You can reach the Official Alumni Group via several pathways:

  • Direct link.
  • Enter “Loyola Law School” in the search box and select the result, “Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Official Alumni Group”
  • Once you have joined the group, you may find it in your profile when clicking the menu item marked “Interests.”


The Law School reserves the right to remove comments and content from social media accounts if, in the Law School’s sole and absolute discretion, they:

  • Are inaccurate, defame or in the Law School’s sole and absolute determination otherwise adversely impact the Law School’s reputation and integrity.
  • Contain confidential information, illegal information and materials under copyright. Users may not alter or re-purpose any LLS-posted materials without approval.
  • Violate the copyrights, trademarks and/or intellectual property rights of LLS or third parties.
  • Compromise the privacy of personnel, students, interested parties and the Law School by disclosing confidential and personal information. All users and posters must follow LLS policies and federal requirements, such as FERPA.
  • Impersonate others.
  • Include offensive, vulgar, defamatory or discriminatory language, are unlawful or contain threats.
  • Include spam, repetitive/irrelevant posting, or other activities judged by the Law School to fall into these categories. This may include topics outside the scope of immediate interest to our community and posts promoting products and/or services unrelated to the Law School.
  • Advertise, promote or endorse a political candidate, a product or cause. The Law School’s channels, name, logo or seal may not be used for such endorsements.