JD Evening Program

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Loyola's Evening Program is among the most highly ranked part-time programs in the United States. The part-time program is geared toward working professionals or for students who find part-time classes more conducive to their schedules. The traditional part-time program can be completed in four years, including at least one summer session.  Evening students have on-campus class commitment of just three nights a week (instead of four) for the entire 1L academic year. We will accept a GRE score in lieu of the LSAT. 

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) FAQs 

Breadth and Depth

The Loyola curriculum offers a breadth of class choice and depth of concentration in several areas of legal interest. Required classes cover the foundations of law, exposing students to different types of law and providing a foundation to pass the bar. With 325 elective courses - from Bioethics to Immigrant Advocacy - to choose from, students can explore areas of legal interest, starting their first year.

The Loyola curriculum is organized around Concentration programs for several major practice fields. These "law majors" allow students to pursue focused study in a chosen field - both intellectual study and practical learning - including one semester of simulation or live-client experience. The Concentration programs equip students with a comprehensive understanding of a practice area. Students will receive training needed to work dynamically in their chosen field. Since employers look to hire new associates who are more practice-ready, Loyola's Concentration programs groom students for today's job market.

For a less structured approach to study in other areas of the law, Loyola has developed Integrated Courses of Study to provide students with guidance in course selection, and practical experiences available to prepare them in areas such as health care law, law and the political process, family law, and others.


First Year Curriculum

Legal Research & Writing
Civil Procedure

Second Year Curriculum

Constitutional Law
Criminal Law

Third Year Required Courses

Ethical Lawyering

Upper Division Required Courses

Upper Division Writing Requirement
Pro Bono Graduation Requirement

First year Evening students are placed into one section denoted as E1 (refer to second page of PDF). Please note D1, D2, D3, and D4 pertains to the Day program. The traditional part-time program can be completed in four years, including at least one summer session. First and second year Evening students will take required courses. After the first year, Evening students can select and enroll in their preferred courses to accommodate their personal schedules. Evening students are eligible to enroll in both evening and day-time elective courses or continue to take evening only courses.

Daniel Rowe

Daniel Rowe '19

Seeking to Expand Public Interest Work, CPA Pursues Evening JD

Jean Nguyen '17

For Patent Agent, Evening JD Helps Fuse Science & Law

Geoffrey Gallegos

Geoff Gallegos '20

Celebrated Musician Hopes to Use Legal Knowledge on World Stage