Graduate Record Examination (GRE) FAQ

  • Yes, we are now accepting the GRE for our full-time and part-time programs!

  • No. If you already have an LSAT score, we will use your LSAT score in the evaluation of your application.

  • The Admissions Committee will use your highest scores. 

  • No. You should prepare for and take the exam that you feel is most indicative of your academic ability. Further, if you have an LSAT score in the last five years, your LSAT score will be used to evaluate your application. The Admissions Committee does not require both exams and does not have a preference for either test. 

  • The Admissions Committee will evaluate each score (Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing) and compare your scores to our median LSAT score (161). Therefore, students with two of their three scores in the 80-85th percentile are considered competitive.

  • If you are applying with a GRE, you must submit an LSAC CAS report. Our application is only available through LSAC. Once we have received both your GRE score(s) and your GRE Certification Statement, then we will waive the LSAT requirement on LSAC. In doing so, your CAS Report will be generated. If you are applying with a GRE score, please notify the Office of Admissions by email at

  • The GRE is administered year-round. For the full-time program, the last GRE score we will accept is the April 15th, 2024 exam. For the part-time program, the last exam we will accept is June 1, 2024 exam.

  • Loyola will only accept official GRE scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Loyola requires all GRE scores from the last five years. So, for the 2024 cycle the oldest GRE score we will accept is from Oct 1st, 2018 or newer. Loyola Law School's ETS code is 3692. 

    You will need to submit the GRE Certification Statement alongside your GRE scores in order to verify that you are submitting your application with the intention of getting evaluated with your GRE score and not the LSAT (note: you can only apply with the GRE if you do not have a LSAT score). 


  • Loyola Law School's ETS code is 3692.