Financial Aid

  • Applicants are encouraged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early in the application process. Our federal school code is E00254. Upon admission to the school, the Office of Financial Aid will send additional information detailing LLS’s cost of attendance (COA), as well as the initial types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible to receive. 

  • The priority deadline to submit your FAFSA to LLS is March 16, 2023.  

  • Law students are eligible for institutional scholarships and federal loans. Direct Unsubsidized loans and Direct PLUS loans are largely available. Federal Perkins loans are available to a small number of students with great financial need. Direct Unsubsidized loan is awarded in the standard amount of $20,500, while the Direct PLUS loan is available to supplement other financial aid in order to meet the COA established by the Office of Financial Aid. Further details can be found here

  • Scholarships are merit-based and awarded by the Office of Admissions on a rolling basis. All admitted students are considered for scholarships; there is no separate application required.  For prompt consideration, apply early and well before the priority deadline. The Scholarship Committee requires an additional statement for admitted students interested in the Public Interest Scholars Program.  Please report outside scholarships to the Office of Financial Aid.  Students receiving tuition remission are not eligible for scholarship awards.

  • Financial aid awards are sent to registered students who have completed the FAFSA in late June. An electronic notification will be sent to students with additional instructions.  Students should follow the given instructions carefully to receive their aid by the start of school. 

  • The Office of Financial Aid advises incoming students do a free credit check to make sure they do NOT have adverse credit, as this can hinder one’s ability to obtain the Graduate PLUS loan. This way, minor problems can be fixed beforehand and will not impact receiving this loan by the start of school. Should a student’s credit history be a problem, awareness will give the student ample time to make other arrangements to fund their education. The official site for a free credit report is

  • Federal regulations do not allow the release of aid funds before the first week of classes of each semester. For students who have completed the financial aid application process, a tuition credit will first be applied to their account, and any remaining aid money will be disbursed to the student during this time.