File Review Process

  • Prospective students begin submitting their applications in October and we begin the review process in December.  Loyola has rolling admissions and we make decisions as files are completed (typically, in the date order they are complete.)  Decisions are emailed weekly and applicants should make sure both their mailing address and email are current with the Admissions Office.

  • Applicants may use an addendum to explain any circumstance in their application that they would like the Admissions Committee to consider (i.e., blemishes on an academic record, LSAT scores where there is a 4 point or more difference, other special circumstances about the applicant's candidacy.)  This statement is not required and should only be submitted as needed.

  • Because of our large applicant pool, interviews are granted only at the Admissions Committee's request.  Candidates are encouraged to include in writing any information they would like the Admissions Committee to consider. 

  • Yes. There are two options on the application in the "Choose a division" field in which an applicant can receive consideration for both programs: "1st Choice Day, 2nd Choice Evening" or "1st Choice Evening, 2nd Choice Day."

  • Loyola is committed to educating students who will be leaders in the legal profession and society and demonstrate in their practice of law the highest standards of personal integrity and professional ethics.  These questions help assess the character of the applicant.  There are also character, fitness and other qualifications required for admission to the bar.  Applicants are encouraged, prior to matriculation, to determine how their past history may impact their admission to the bar in the states(s) they intend to practice.

  • Admissions decisions are emailed to applicants beginning in December.  In general, it will take 8-10 weeks after the applicant's file is complete to receive this information.  Most admissions decisions are made by the end of May.

  • Admitted students are automatically considered for our merit scholarship programs.  The Admissions Committee will use the applicant's LSAT score, UGPA, academic history, and other application materials to make this determination.  Scholarship decisions are made on a rolling basis.  Students who receive scholarship will receive their offer separately from their decision letter.  Every effort will be made to notify scholarship recipients of their award before the seat deposit deadline.