Admission Activities

Loyola's Admission activities are a unique opportunity for all students to learn more about the MLS program. During the virtual events, we will discuss the questions and opportunities of greatest interest to students considering an MLS program. These webinars are free and available during the entire year. Please join our mailing list and download the LLS brochure to be informed about future events by selecting the button below. 

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Schedule an appointment with our Admissions team to discuss your goals, interests, and MLS application. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet individually with a member of our team to ensure your questions are answered before our application deadline. 


Date and Time Event Information

Thursday, March 28
10:00 am PT 

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Exclusive Live Online Class with Professor Grossi

Embark on an unparalleled online learning journey with Professor Grossi, a distinguished member of our faculty renowned for their exceptional scholarship and extensive experience. This virtual class offers a unique glimpse into the immersive educational environment experienced by our MLS, LLM, and JD students right here on campus. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to engage with and learn from one of our foremost experts, whose contributions to the field and dedication to student success have set a benchmark for academic excellence. Dive deep into the subjects that shape our world, guided by Professor Grossi's insightful perspectives and enriched by their wealth of knowledge and achievements.