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Acquire the critical thinking skills, legal knowledge and problem-solving know-how to succeed in your career with a Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS) degree. At Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, you are part of the largest and most influential alumni network in Southern California. Loyola's MLS offers you a flexible curriculum, focused specializations or a custom program tailored to your academic and career goals. Learn more about Loyola Law School's MLS program by downloading our brochure, or apply now and take the next step in advancing your career.

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Meet our students

Felicia Fannucchi, MLS CLASS OF 2018

"Loyola's unique MLS curriculum with a specialization in international business and intellectual property law was the perfect fit for me: I have gained a real-world perspective of the inner workings of the law, its impact on society, and how its application is critical to every aspect of a successful business transaction”

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Cesar Callejas, MLS CLASS OF 2016

“Within three weeks [of beginning the program], I was already applying what I learned in courses and have impressed my supervisors. I'm the new kid on the block, but people with more seniority are coming to me with questions about contracts.”

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