Recruitment Events

Members of the Admissions Team will be visiting colleges and universities across the United States and Canada this Fall. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about the admissions process and programs we offer.

Below is the Fall 2017 recruitment schedule. To see the calendar in chronological order, click here. Check back for further updates. 





ARIZONA Arizona State University October 30
  University of Arizona October 31 
CALIFORNIA California State Unviersity, Chico September 13
  Humboldt State University September 14
  California State University, Dominguez Hills September 20
  California State University, Long Beach  September 21
  WCC San Francisco September 23
  Sacramento State University September 27
  San Francisco State University September 28
  University of California, Merced October 3
  Saint Mary's College of California October 4
  Mount Saint Mary's University October 5
  University California, Los Angeles October 11
  San Diego State University October 12
  Biola University  October 16
  University of San Diego October 17
  WCC San Diego  October 17
  California Luthern University  October 17
  University of California, San Diego  October 18
  University of Southern California October 19
  Loyola Marymount University October 24
  University of California, Davis October 25
  California State University, Los Angeles October 25
  University of California, Santa Cruz October 26
  California State University, Los Angeles October 26
  California State University, East Bay October 26
  Loyola Marymount University October 29
  Sacramento State University  October 31
  University of California, Riverside November 1
  LSAC Forum- San Francisco November 2
  WCC Los Angeles November 3
  LSAC Forum- Los Angeles November 4
  University of Southern California November 6
  University of California, Los Angeles November 6
  University of California, Irvine November 6
  University of California, Irvine November 7
  California State University, Bakersfield November 8
  California State University, Northridge November 9
CANADA LSAC Forum- Toronto September 18
  Vancouver Law Fair (Fairmont Hotel Vancouver) October 16
  The University of British Columbia  October 18
  The University of British Columbia October 19
COLORADO WCC Denver October 28
  University of Colorado Boulder November 3
FLORIDA University of Miami September 6
  LSAC Forum- Miami October 7
  Florida State University October 9
  Florida A&M University October 10
  University of Central Florida October 11
  National Diversity Pre-Law Conference (Miami)  October 14
GEORGIA Atlanta University Center Consortium  October 11
  Emory University October 12
  LSAC Forum- Atlanta October 13
HAWAI'I Leeward Community College November 27
  University of Hawai'i at Manoa November 28
  University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu  November 29
  Brigham Young University- Hawai'i November 30
  University of Hawai'i at Hilo December 1
ILLINOIS University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign September 27
  LSAC Forum- Chicago October 10
INDIANA Indiana University Bloomington  September 28 
  University of Notre Dame October 11
IOWA University of Iowa September 26
LOUISIANA Louisiana State University October 30
  Greater New Orleans Law Fair October 31
MARYLAND The University of Maryland, College Park October 24
MASSACHUSETTS LSAC Forum-Boston November 10
MICHIGAN University of Michigan September 29
NEVADA University of Nevada, Reno October 24
  University of Nevada, Las Vegas November 8
NEW YORK Greater Western New York Law Fair (Buffalo) September 25
  Greater Rochester Law School Night (Rochester) September 25
  Cornell University September 26
  Ithaca College September 27
  Binghamton University September 27
  Syracuse University September 28
  LatinoJustice PRLDEF (New York City) October 7
  John Jay College of Criminal Justice October 19
  LSAC Forum- New York October 20
  LSAC Forum- New York October 21
  The National Black Pre-Law Conference (New York City) November 11
NORTH CAROLINA University of North Carolina Wilmington November 6
  North Carolina State University November 7
  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill November 8
  Wake Forest University November 9
  Greater Charlotte Law School Fair (Davidson College) November 9
OHIO Ohio University October 16
  University of Cincinnati October 17
  University of Dayton October 17
  Miami University October 18
  Bowling Green State University October 18
  The Ohio State University October 19
  Youngstown State University October 20
OREGON University of Oregon November 11
  Portland State University November 13
PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia Law School Fair (Drexel University)  October 23
SOUTH CAROLINA University of South Carolina October 10
TEXAS Texas A&M University October 23
  Southern Methodist University October 24
  Baylor University October 25
  University of Texas at Austin October 26
  University of Texas at San Antonio October 27
UTAH The University of Utah November 1
  Brigham Young University November 2
WASHINGTON Western Washington University November 8
  University of Washington  November 9
WASHINGTON, D.C. Mid Atlantic Pre-Law Conference (Howard University) November 15
  Washington D.C. Law School Fair (GWU) October 24
WISCONSIN University of Wisconsin-Madison  September 25