2020 - 2021 Law Fellowship Class

Photo of Katie Adler with long blonde hair smiling glasses and orange blouse

Katie Adler

Northern Virginia

Head shot of Quendra Brown smiling long black hair

Quendra Brown

Northern California Bay Area

Head shot of Samuel Capozzi in a black suit

Samuel Capozzi

Ventura County, CA

Photo of Margaret Castro is white blouse, short brown hair, smiling

Margaret Castro

Alhambra, CA

Photo of Anyssa with Brown hair and highlights wearing a checkered blazer

Anyssa D. Egans

Whittier, CA

Head shot of Bianca Gallegos with long brown hair and smiling

Bianca Gallegos

Los Angeles, CA

Evan smiling wearing a blue suit and a purple tie

Evan Goldman

Philadelphia, PA

Head shot of Justin Haynes with brown hair and goatee

Justin Hynes

Los Angeles, CA

Photo of Jose Jimenez in a black suit with a grew shirt and tie

Jose Jimenez


Photo of Isaac Juarez in a tuxedo smiling

Isaac Juarez

Coachella, CA

Head shot of Russell Kane smiling with black glasses and silver hair

Russell Kane

Washington, D.C.

Photo of Ester Mendez sitting on steps smiling with long hair t-shirt and jeans

Ester Mendez

Los Angeles, CA

Profile of Amparo Ostojic looking out onto water with the sun setting

Amparo Ostojic

Los Angeles, CA

Austin, wearing a light gray suit jacket, and a blue shirt, smiling.

Austin Glen Shepherd

Littleton, CO

Arielle, smiling, wearing a black and white striped shirt

Arielle Swinehart

Columbus, OH