Law Fellows Program

Central to the mission of The Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy and Innovation is bringing together and fostering the development of leaders from our disability community. In particular, we believe in creating a strong pipeline of law students with disabilities who will go on to serve as attorneys, judges, public policy professionals, and politicians. Our ultimate goal is to increase representation in policy spaces where decisions are being made. 

As the disability rights slogan goes, "Nothing About Us Without Us!" or more aptly "Nothing Without Us!" because people with disabilities belong in every sector of society, including the legal profession. We need disabled voices in law schools, in law firms, in the courts, on the bench, in the Congress, in legal academia and beyond! 

In order to do so, we need to strengthen the pathway into law school for students with disabilities. Too often, students with disabilities are discouraged from attaining higher education. Educational barriers, along with negative assumptions and attitudes, dissuade our community from reaching careers in law and policy.

This has to change. Our program targets early-year college students with disabilities to intervene and provide encouragement, support and mentorship that is crucial to success. Read more about The Coelho Center Law Fellows.

Currently, there is no program like The Coelho Center Law Fellowship Program whose specific mission is to train and mentor college students with disabilities to think about a path toward law school.

Our program offers:

  • a one-week summer intensive course held at Loyola Law School Los Angeles. The program is designed to train and mentor students with disabilities to think about a path toward law school. Sessions include
    • How to apply to law school

    • How to succeed in law school

    • Developing a network with disability attorneys and policy-makers

    • Intro to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    • Intro to lawyering skills

    • Intro to Disability Rights and Disability Justice Movements

  • Academic year-long virtual course

  • Academic and planning support through the law school…

  • Disability advocacy project with fellowship class

  • $1000 stipend upon completion of the program

Learn more about how to apply | Due February 28, 2020

Download application: 

2020-2021 The Coelho Center Law Fellowship Application

2020 - 2021 PDF Fellowship Application