Early Decision Program

  • What is the Early Decision Program?

    It is a binding program that allows candidates to apply early and receive an early decision from the Admissions Committee.  Participants are required to withdraw all other law school applications and decline admissions offers from other schools if admitted through this program.  Early Decision admits must pay a seat deposit in January.

  • Is there an additional application fee to apply to the Early Decision Program?

    There is no additional fee.

  • Can I apply for both Early Decision and general admission?

    Candidates may apply for Early Decision or general admission but not both.

  • What are the deadlines?

    Candidates must take the LSAT by November 2018. Applicants are also required to submit the 2019 Early Decision Agreement form and all application materials (including the CAS report with LSAT score, personal statement, and one letter of recommendation) to our office by November 30, 2018. (These items must be received to Loyola by this date). Decisions are rendered by December 31, 2018. 

    If any of the required material is not received to our office by November 30, your application will be considered in the general admission pool. There are no exceptions to this deadline. 

  • What are the benefits of applying through this program?

    If you are committed to attending Loyola, this program is an excellent way to receive early consideration.  Early Decision applicants will have their strong interest in attending Loyola noted in the evaluation process.   These applicants are also read earliest in the evaluation cycle when the most seats are available in the class.

    Early Decision admits can avoid some of the anxiety that is a part of the application cycle and will have additional time to plan their enrollment to Loyola. 

  • What if Loyola isn't my first choice - should I apply through Early Decision?

    You are welcome to apply to Loyola through regular admission.  Regular admission allows you to consider other admit and scholarship offers.  Early Decision is a binding program and you should only apply through this program if you are committed to attend Loyola. 

  • If I am accepted, will I receive scholarships and a financial aid packet early?

    Early Decision admits will receive financial aid information by March 1 (as long as their FAFSA is completed by January 15).  All Early Decision admits are considered for scholarships.

  • If denied, can I reapply to Loyola's regular JD program that same year?

    Applicants denied through Early Decision may not reapply the same year nor may they appeal the decision.  The Admissions Committee uses the same criteria for the Early Decision program and regular admission and all decisions are final.

  • What happens if I don't get accepted into Early Decision?

    Applicants that are not admitted through the Early Decision program are welcome to apply to other law schools and/or consider other options.  Candidates denied through the Early Decision program may not apply to Loyola for this cycle, but may consider reapplying to Loyola for Fall 2019.

  • Why should I apply to this program over general admission?

    You should only apply to this program if you are confident Loyola is your first choice law school and best enrollment fit.