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Because of Loyola's convenient central location, our students have several options of getting to and from campus. Whether students choose to live in downtown or in the surrounding areas, navigating through Los Angeles and to Loyola can vary depending on your location. Therefore, Loyola tries to make it as convenient as possible for our students to get to campus. As an entering student, you will have several options for commuting. If you have any additional questions regarding specific programs, please contact Campus Planning

Parking on Campus

Parking on campus in the parking facility is the most convenient way for many of our students to commute. Because of varying schedules, some students prefer to have the convenience of coming and going as they please. Students are charged per year or by semester, and are billed to their student account each semester.  For more information on parking, please click here


Carpooling to Loyola with other students can reduce the amount you pay for parking on campus. In order to be eligible, at least two students must commute together. During the first week of the semester, you must register for this program. 

Transportation Incentive Program

Many of our students choose to use public transportation to get to and from campus. Los Angeles' vast rapid transit system makes it easy for students to get to campus. Loyola does offer students an incentive for using public transit. Through our Transportation Incentive Program (TIP), Loyola will reimburse students 50% of the cost of their public transportation pass. 


Loyola also offers complimentary shuttle service which operates between campus and Figueroa Street, between 7th and Wilshire. This is a convenient way to get to the center of downtown and not have to worry about finding parking. Also, this area is a central hub for many public transportation lines. The shuttle does have a specific schedule so it is best to check the schedule before deciding to take it.