In ten years, the Sunita Jain Anti-trafficking Initiative will have reduced enforcement priorities that are complicit in trafficking and legal protections are in place that reflect the lived experience of vulnerable groups. Immigration systems must provide a legal path to citizenship to prevent trafficking. 


SJI assisted with the amicus brief for Biden v. Texas. This case has far-reaching implications, not only on immigration and the future of Remain in Mexico—it is about the power of the Executive Branch to determine our country's foreign policy, and whether a new administration should be able to change the policy adopted by its predecessor.

In Biden v. Texas, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Biden administration can exercise its discretionary control of border policy to discontinue the Migrant Protection Protocols (the Remain in Mexico program), pursuant to President Biden’s campaign promises, diplomatic concerns over our relationship with Mexico, and an extensive agency review of Remain in Mexico by the Department of Homeland Security.

We need the Supreme Court to make clear that any presidential administration should have the freedom to implement its own policies, so that advocates can continue making urgent demands for the Biden administration to end the Remain in Mexico policy once and for all.

SJI is also a partner in the #safenotstranded campaign.

Amicus brief