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LMU Loyola Law School's unparalleled commitment to social justice is reflected in the variety and richness of its 20+ live-client legal clinics, whose students have dedicated more than 60,000 pro bono hours per year to helping, since 1996, over 50,000 clients. This quarterly newsletter serves to educate and inform our community about progress made towards the realization of our mission. 

Winter '24

We are proud to share with you some of our achievements in 2023: 268 law students trained; our 16th and 17th innocent clients freed from prison; over 100 barriers to employment cleared away through expungement; over 350 civil disputes resolved through our Center for Conflict Resolution; and so much more. We are grateful to supporters like you who make this work possible.
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Clinic Outstanding Studnets

Summer '23

In our clinics, Loyola Law School students demonstrate their excellence and passion for justice every day. This past year, our students advocated in court, conducted field investigations and complex research, mediated disputes, and supported the work of our community partners to increase access to justice. We are proud to share with you some of the achievements in our clinics from the spring semester.
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Spring '23

This spring we celebrate the work of our current students and grads, while opening up our house to new students who will learn about joining our clinic community next year. We thank our clinic alumni who support us in so many aspects of our work – by continuing to serve clients pro bono, by speaking to our clinic classes, by mentoring students, and so much more – and we’re proud to share here some of what that support has helped us to achieve this semester. 

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JIFS Students in Front of Courthouse 2022

Winter '23

As 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on the accomplishments of our clinical students. Our hope for the future of the profession is renewed by these individuals, who have contributed 30,000 pro bono hours to assist over 24,000 people this year. From advocating for counseling and education services for system-involved youth to filing a petition for writ of mandate with the Court of Appeal, our students gained hands-on experience through their tireless advocacy.

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JIFS Staff and Attorneys with Louie B

Summer '22

In June, clinic faculty and staff participated in LLS’ Journalist Law School, where we shared our clients’ experiences with journalists who report on the law and taught them about the lived reality of the legal system for those without access to attorneys. With your support, our students continue to bring that reality to light and protect the rights of those who otherwise fall into the justice gap.

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2022 Outstanding Students

Spring '22

Starting with our first in-person Clinics Open House in two years, this month has seen our clinics abuzz with end-of-semester activity: current students diligently resolving casework and new students learning about and interviewing to join next year's clinics.


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Winter '22

Loyola Law School was among the institutions acknowledged last month by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland for responding to the post-pandemic eviction crisis. He recognized law students as the “next generation to whom the torch of the legal obligation is passed" to support equal justice.

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Fall '21

As students return to campus for in-person instruction and we are increasingly able to pivot our work to in-person interaction with community members, we are inspired by their successes and reminded of how much more needs to be done to support the realization of justice for all.

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Summer '21

A celebration of the victories, graduations and other hard-won achievements of our clinic community as we welcome back faculty, staff, students and clients in preparation for a return to campus.

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Spring '21

After a school year like no other, a stellar group of students is about to graduate from the LSJLC clinics and take lessons learned from our clients into their practice.

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LSJLC Clinical Faculty Zooming Together

Winter '21

This year promises progress in the advancement of justice at all levels of government. L.A. is poised to be a leader of reform, and the students and staff in our clinics are prepared to seize the moment.

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Fall '20

As the new semester gets underway, students are jumping with both feet into our “new normal,” honing remote advocacy skills in web-based hearings, mediations and even appellate arguments.

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Summer '20

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reckon with how interconnected we all are, and with how systemic racism, inequity and injustice put Black lives in danger and entrench economic and social divisions that impair us all. Our clinics resist that entrenchment, even—especially—in the face of adversity.

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Spring '20

Our students, staff and faculty kicked into emergency gear at the onset of COVID-19, coming up with ever-more-creative solutions, immediately adapting to virtual case meetings and remote hearings, setting up complex phone trees for client contact, and even developing the ability to conduct full mediations online.

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