Information for students

Fieldwork Component

The fieldwork component of the course is designed to provide Loyola Law School students with the practical experience they will need to become zealous and ethical advocates. 

Classroom Component

The classroom component of the course is a weekly seminar designed to complement the students' field work and hone their advocacy skills. 

Course Information

  • Students must be in their 2nd or 3rd years (Day Students) or 3rd or 4th years (Evening Students) and in good standing at the law school.
  • Prerequisites for the clinic are Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure (may be taken concurrently) and Evidence. Students are also strongly encouraged to take the Habeas Corpus Litigation Seminar.
  • Students are expected to spend at least eight (8) hours per week working on their cases.
  • Students must attend a one-day orientation course during the first week of the semester. 
  • Students will receive a total of four (4) credits per semester for their work on these cases and their participation in the classroom component of the course.
  • Grading is on a pass/fail basis.
  • Clinic units also count towards the completion of the pro bono graduation requirement.
  • All prospective students will be required to submit an application including a resum√©. Applicants will then interview with clinic directors.

Application Process

Both the clinics comprising the Loyola Social Justice Law Clinic and LLS practica are highly competitive and enrollment into most is by application only, although many of them admit interested students on a rolling basis. 

In addition to visiting clinic and practica webpages for more information, visit our Virtual Experiential Learning Fair. If you're interested in a clinic, you are encouraged to attend the LSJLC Open House on March 29. For more information regarding practica, please visit this page

Important Spring 2023 dates:

  • March 27: Application information for most clinics and practica, including instructions and application forms, will be available via 12Twenty. See below.
  • March 27 - April 6: Spring ELF
  • March 29:  Clinics Open House in the Esplanade from 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m and 5:00pm - 6:00pm
  • April 5 at noon: Applications due. Some applications may be reviewed on a rolling basis (until clinic is full). Priority is given to those received by noon on April 5. 

To find clinics in 12Twenty:

  • After logging in, go to "OCI and Job Postings"
  • Search using the Filter for "Type of job"
  • Scroll down and select "Law School Clinic or Practica" and hit return

PLEASE NOTE: Applications to clinics and practica require that you submit a resume through 12Twenty. This will require that your resume is approved in advance by the career development office. Please plan ahead accordingly.

Clinic directors share candidate lists in an effort to maximize the number of students who receive offers. If you apply to more than one clinic, that information may be used in determining your offer.