LSJLC Student Reimbursement Information

Student Reimbursement Information for the Loyola Social Justice Law Clinic

Loyola Law School reimburses students for certain pre-approved expenses relating to their case-related work in the clinics.  If you are a clinical student seeking such reimbursement . . .


Reimbursement is for: Form to be completed: What to do with the form
All travel-related expenses under $100  (i.e., client/court-related parking costs)                                                                                             LLS Requisition Form Complete form, save it as a PDF, scan your original receipts, and email the entire packet to Cc: your clinical supervisor.
Mileage exceeding 60 miles round-trip Mileage Reimbursement Form Complete form - including client identification in "Business Purpose"--save it as a PDF, and email it to
Last updated 1.23.2024