LSJLC Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Loyola Law School Social Justice Law Clinic stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and we pledge to continue our work to: 

  • Legally defend Black lives against institutionalized racism in all its forms, including racial profiling, police brutality, wrongful conviction, unfair sentencing, the school-to-prison pipeline, overzealous prosecution, and the discriminatory practices of district attorneys, law enforcement and ICE.   
  • Hold police, sheriffs, probation officers, district attorneys and school districts accountable for unjust conduct where it threatens the lives or well-being of Black men, women and children.   
  • Support significant, permanent reductions to existing policing and carceral infrastructures and the reallocation of these funds to mental health services, educational programming, food and assistance programs, and workforce development. 

We remain committed to continue our defense of Black lives and to increasing our work to change our biased systems.  We teach the next generation of lawyers not just the skills to defend people within the existing systems, but the courage to face the failures of our current systems and the tools to advocate for reformWe do not and cannot accept the status quo.   

To those who protest today, we join with you, we share your anger, and we are inspired by the energy of the growing movement for change.  Together we must create a system that is more just for everyone.   

To those who protest, know your rights. To learn more and get involved, go to and