• Assistant Dean for Career Development Embraces Innovation

    Linda Whitfield '92 brings a wealth of diverse work experience to her role as Assistant Dean for Career Development, and it serves her well as she focuses on her office's mission to help graduates realize their full potential in the job market.

  • Second-year Shares Positive Perspective on Law School Life

    Second-year Steve Riley got involved with Jury of Peers, a student blog, to show others that despite stereotypes, you can have a life outside of law school. On the blog he discusses family time with his daughter, drumming gigs, networking and his experiences working with the Juvenile Innocence and Fair Sentencing Clinic.

  • Evening Student Sees JD as Tool to Expand Union Advocacy Skills

    For nearly a decade, evening student Dev Das ’17 has successfully advocated for others. As an organizer for unions and presidential candidates, he fought for better wages, improved working conditions and a better life for those he serves. Now, he hopes to use a law degree to do more.

  • Prof. Aprill Sets Standard in Tax Law Leadership

    As home to a highly ranked tax program and host to an annual conference featuring the country’s top nonprofit-law experts, Loyola plays a vital, growing role in the study and practice of tax law. Much credit goes to Ellen Aprill, the John E. Anderson Professor of Tax Law and co-chair of the annual Western Conference on Tax Exempt Organizations.

  • Facing Uncertain Future, Immigrants Find Hope in Loyola Clinic

    Loyola's Immigrant Justice Clinic attorneys and students hold community intake sessions several days a week. Recently, they have coordinated an influx in Loyola student volunteers interested in helping in the wake of the presidential election and have helped quell uncertainty among members of the immigrant community with questions about their futures.

Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic featured in CNN report on demand for immigration-relief services. Co-Directors and alumnae Marissa Montes and Emily Robinson discuss how clinic is adapting to client influx.

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Hawthorne discusses Prop 57's passage with Ventura County Star Juvenile law expert expects numbers of juvenile cases tried in adult court to drop significantly

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Kim assesses LA's eligbility to be sanctuary city with Buzzfeed Immigration law expert notes Special Order 40 will need to be revamped to ensure the prevention of mass deportations

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Grossi interviewed by Association of American Law Schools for spotlight series on legal education Chair of the AALS Executive Committee for the Section on Civil Procedure discusses changes in legal education and trends in the field

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Dec. 9: JD Early Decision Deadline

Dec. 9 is the JD Early Decision Deadline. Apply now!