Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)

Public Interest Law Foundation

The Loyola Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) is a non-partisan, student-run organization invested in fostering the careers of students dedicated to providing assistance to those traditionally underrepresented in the legal system.

PILF's Mission

PILF channels the energy of Loyola students who give, serve and work in the public interest by:

  • Providing a Summer Fellowship Grant Program that enables students to contribute an entire summer to public interest legal work in communities locally and throughout the world.
  • Providing much needed legal assistance to the Los Angeles community.
  • Providing law students a way to get involved.
  • Helping launch Loyola students into public interest careers by fostering alumni relationships and mentoring opportunities.
  • Educating law students about the importance of serving the public.

PILF Summer Fellowship Grant Program

The PILF Summer Fellowship Grant Program funds students to pursue their public interest efforts, which may not qualify for support through Loyola Summer Work-Study Employment Program. Such pursuits include independent public interest projects, out-of-state international public interest positions and agencies not covered by the Law School's program.

Since the founding of Loyola Law School's PILF in 1993, these fellowships have supported full-time and part-time summer positions at a variety of nonprofit agencies, including:

  • AIDS Project Los Angeles
  • The Alliance for Children's Rights
  • Appalachian Legal Research & Defense Fund
  • Bet Tzedek
  • Black Law Institute
  • The Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law
  • The Center for Law in the Public Interest
  • Dependency Court Legal Services
  • International Law Center for Human, Economic, and Environmental Defense (Costa Rica)
  • Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center
  • Public Counsel
  • San Fernando Valley Legal Services
  • Women's Advocacy Project (Texas)

The PILF Auction

The PILF Auction is the event that makes the organization work possible. All proceeds from the auction will go to PILF's summer Fellowship Grant Program and community involvement. The Auction and Casino Night presents a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, staff and alumni to meet and support this worthwhile cause.

The number of summer fellowships PILF can give during the summer depends on the funds raised in these events. The money goes directly to Loyola students who want to serve the public interest, but are unable to do so without economic assistance.

Your donation of any item or opportunity is not only appreciated by the recipients of the Summer Fellowships, but also by the community as a whole.

For more information or to get involved in public interest projects, please call 213.736.8116.

For More Information

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