• Faculty Scholarship Feb 2015
    New Faculty Scholarship

    In just the past few months, Loyola faculty have produced a wide array of new scholarship in leading law reviews, including Chicago, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Emory, William & Mary, Cardozo and more.

  • Immigration Clinic Helps Victim Secure Status

    Last year, students in the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic applied for a U-Visa on behalf of an undocumented young woman who was the victim of violence. The students experienced many of the challenges that immigration practitioners face with their clients daily. Recently, their client was granted U-Visa approval and a fresh start for her and her children.

  • Hon. Arthur L. Alarcón
    Tribute to an Icon: The Legacy of Judge Alarcón

    Loyola mourns the loss of Judge Arthur L. Alarcón, senior circuit judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, for whom the Law School's Alarcón Advocacy Center is named and serves as a lasting tribute. Alarcón inspired scores of students with his mantra, "Who needs my help today?"

  • Chris Rising '96 Forecasts Millennials' Impact on Real Estate

    As president of Rising Realty Partners, Chris Rising '96 maps the Los Angeles of the future. As the city experiences growth and urbanization, he anticipates several smaller "downtowns" cropping up in surrounding suburban communities. Find out which landmark Rising believes will change Los Angeles forever.

  • Students Mentor LA Youth Through Mock Trial Program

    Loyola's Young Lawyers Program invites high school students from inner-city communities to participate in a mock trial program held each spring. The experience inspired program alumna Domineisha Lescaille ’17 to pursue a legal career. She has returned to Loyola to complete the legal education that she started as a high school freshman years ago.


Loyola ranked on National Law Journal's "Top 50 Go-To Law Schools" Publication acknowledges schools that sent the highest percentages of 2014 graduates to associate jobs at the nation's 250 largest law firms.

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Prof. Levinson's commentary offers guidance on electoral participation Election law guru has recently opined on ways to get out the vote in op-eds, testimony.

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Prof. Natapoff quoted in Slate story, "Does Decriminalization Work?" Expert on misdemeanors discusses effects of shifting penalties for certain offenses.

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Prof. Grossi appointed Chair of AALS Section on Civil Procedure Civil procedure expert to help guide scholarly policy.

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