JSD Program

JSD students will work closely with professors who are top legal scholars in many areas of specialization. The Law School fosters legal research among its professors and students alike. Loyola faculty members regularly publish in the top journals, including, the Harvard Law Review, Stanford Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review and University of Chicago Law Review. They publish manuscripts in the top presses, and write influential casebooks and treatises used by lawyers, judges and students.

Program Requirements and Opportunities

JSD students must complete some coursework requirements, engage in guided, independent legal research and produce a 50,000-word dissertation of publishable quality that explores and advances scholarship in an area of law. 

U.S. LLM graduates must take a minimum of 6 units of graded coursework each semester over two semesters of residency.  JD graduates must take a minimum of 12 units of graded coursework each semester over two semesters of residency. 

During the two semesters of residency, the JSD candidates will begin working on their dissertations.  They must present their dissertation work one time while in progress during residency.  Candidates have a maximum of five years to complete all of the degree requirements, including a final oral defense of the dissertation, which will be open to the entire Loyola Law School community. 

*The JSD program is not yet WSCUC-approved, and students participating in the JSD program are not eligible for federal financial aid.