Ami Silverman '87 & Barbara Ullman Schwerin '87

Ami Silverman '87 & Barbara Ullman Schwerin '87 fixing their robes for their June 7, 1987 Commencement Ceremony.

Barbara: Ami Silverman ’87 and I met at Loyola Law School on Day One of classes in August 1984
Ami: Barbara likes to describe us as “returning students,” which means old

Barbara: Ami remembers the exact date 
Ami: It was August 27, 1984. We were in line alphabetically to have our photos taken for the class “look book”

Barbara: We have been dear friends now for over 30 years 
Ami: 36 by my calendar, but who’s counting?

Barbara: We live about 1 ½ miles apart and have been there for each other in the good times and the hard times 
Ami: She is and always will be my BFF

Barbara: We are both still very connected to LLS, serving on the Alumni Association Board of Governors and having a group of LLS alums that are part of “our group” 
Ami: we have our own name for the group but it’s a secret…

Barbara: We both cherish the friendship formed through our connection at LLS 
Ami: And that’s the truth.