John Peter Scholl '59 & Wendy Scholl '92

My father John Peter Scholl graduated Loyola Law School in 1959. My father had been a petroleum engineer and joined the Air Force to serve as a fighter pilot in Korea. He returned and went to Law School on the G.I. Bill. After he graduated and while clerking for the central district he met a lawyer who changed his trajectory. One of the lawyers appearing in Federal court on a patent case started chatting with my dad and learned dad had an engineering degree. He told my dad, if you take and pass the patent exam, I'll give you a job as a patent lawyer at twice the salary of the other job he had lined up. He loved working as a patent lawyer and eventually he left private practice to work for McDonnel Douglas (that eventually merged with Boeing) and was able to merge his love of airplanes, engineering and law in the perfect job. I graduated from Loyola Law School in 1992 and worked in private practice before going in house and working almost 20 years for Bank of America.
I also would like to reference another graduate of the class of 1959, Joan Carney. She has been a family friend since she and Dad went to school. Joan was one of only 3 women in that class at the Grand Ave. Campus. She said at the time, there were no women's restrooms at the school. The women were allowed to use the secretaries' bathroom. Joan became a commissioner in Family Court and retired several years ago. I'm so proud she worked to blaze a trail for women like myself.