Rebecca Holt '79, Wilbank Roche '79 & Karen Roche '13

I attended Loyola Law School from 1979 to 1982. I met my husband, Wilbank Roche, at my first job when he interviewed me in 1982 for the position. He is also a Loyola Law School alum, attending 1976 to 1979. We just missed meeting each other by a few months at school. Later our first child, Karen attended Loyola Law School from 2010 to 2013. At Karen’s graduation Wil and I dressed in our own graduation gowns and were proud to be able to hand her diploma to her. I am now an Immigration Judge, Wil is a practicing estate planning attorney and Karen is a corporate lawyer working for FedEx. We all owe a tremendous debt to our alma mater. Our tradition did not stop at graduation. We also have a family scholarship fund established at the school to help others with their tuition. And, our second child, Colin became a lawyer and is practicing corporate law in Colorado, though unfortunately he did not attend Loyola. What a great school that did so much for us!