Francis J. Brick '24 & Camille O'Keefe Everett '80

My grandfather, Francis J. Brick, also known as Frank, was in the first graduating class of Loyola Law School. He was very proud of this, and mentioned it frequently during his life. My grandfather had a successful career in law, education and real estate. He was also the pillar of our extended family, serious about study and doing what is right, but also, full of fun and laughs, particularly at our large family gatherings. I think I was one of his favorite grandchildren – he must have had an inkling that I would follow in his footsteps. He was gratified when I enrolled at Loyola Law School and he enjoyed talking law during my entire time there and after. I still have a picture of my grandfather at my graduation – smiling ear-to-ear. And it was his advice shortly after graduation that helped me early in my career, and remains with me in my 40th year of practice. “The trick is to be as prepared as possible, and it will not matter who, or how experienced, your opposing counsel is.”