Ernest Algorri '86 & Eric Algorri '18

The Algorris are Spanish immigrants who came to Los Angeles in the 1920’s, settled in Lincoln Heights working for the Southern Pacific Railroad--and when duty called during our Nation’s darkest hour, sent five Algorri boys to fight in WWII. As a returning veteran my father sent his three sons to college, two to law school to start a firm to represent the people of this community. I am a proud graduate of this law school. I have wonderful memories of my time at Loyola but my most cherished memories connected to Loyola is when I handed him his diploma. Eric is also a proud graduate of Loyola – class of 2018. I am grateful for my family’s connection to the Loyola, enabling the Algorri family’s contributions to the community as well as to the cause of justice for people and all others during a time of need. Thank you Loyola.