Basmah Kutubaldin
Basmah Kutubaldin


Basmah S. Kutubaldin holds BS in Legal Studies and International Legal Relations with two honors from Dar Al Hekma University (Saudi Arabia), and a Masters of Laws (L.L.M) from University of Southern California (Los Angeles), where she also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Law. Basmah is currently a JSD candidate at Loyola Law School (Los Angeles) writing about Islamic law and public policy. Basmah has benefited from trainings many different fields, such as international law, dialogue and public diplomacy, methods of strategic achievements, foreign exchange markets, and corporate management.

Besides the legal field, Basmah has worked in diverse sectors such as Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, and Project Management. Basmah was a founding and/or associate member in some of the most important and effective youth groups in Saudi Arabia, such as Lawyers United and Intellect. Basmah intends to teach law alongside her legal practice in Saudi Arabia and possibly other parts of the world.

Dissertation Title:

The Power of Public Policy: A Cure or A Curse?

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Simona Grossi