Program Requirements

The Tax LLM will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of 24 units of coursework in the program. This includes seven required courses, totaling 14 of those units:

  • Corporate Taxation I
  • Corporate Taxation II
  • Income Tax Timing Issues
  • Income Taxation of Property Transactions
  • Partnership Taxation I
  • Partnership Taxation II
  • Tax Practice and Procedure

Income Taxation Intensive may be substituted for Income Tax Timing Issues and Income Taxation of Property Transactions. Business Taxation Intensive may be substituted for Corporate Taxation I & II and Partnership Taxation I & II. Students who have previously taken equivalent coursework may petition to be excused from taking the corresponding required course. For example, a student who has taken an introductory course in corporate taxation elsewhere may petition to be excused from having to take Corporate Taxation I at Loyola. Except as noted below with regard to transfer credits, however, such students are expected to complete the 24-unit requirement for the LLM by substituting an elective course for each required course from which they have been excused. 


In addition to the required core courses, students may choose elective courses from a variety of subjects. Courses are offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms. To maintain their enrollment in the program, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of one course each fall and spring semester. Students may but need not enroll in summer term courses. 

LLM With Honors

The Tax LLM will be awarded with honors to students who successfully complete their Tax LLM coursework with an average GPA of 4.00 or higher (on a 5.00 scale), successfully complete Tax Policy and prepare a substantial scholarly paper as part of their work in Honors Tax Research. The honors program is designed particularly for students who intend to go into teaching.

Transfer Credit

With permission of the Director, up to 12 units of credit towards the Tax LLM may be given for advanced tax courses satisfactorily completed at Loyola Law School prior to matriculation into the Tax LLM program. For this purpose, satisfactory completion generally means completion of a course with a grade of “B” or better.  No credit towards the 24-unit requirement will generally be given for courses taken at other institutions unless such courses are taken after matriculation into the program and with prior permission of the Director.