LIJC in the Community

For more information about LIJC's community involvement, try the links below


COVID-19 Community Education Flyer

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 Protect Yourself From Notario Fraud Flyer



U Visa Certification Process Flyer  



U Visa Informational Brochure  



Youth Offender Parole Hearing (YOPH) Manual PDF


Immigrant Workers Know Your Rights

This summer, LIJC students, Stefany Montoya ‘21 and Angela Griffin ‘22, worked in conjunction with The LA Mayor’s Office on Immigrant Affairs to creat KYR materials on behalf of immigrant workers, given the importance of worker’s rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Download your copy at 

Immigrant Workers: Know Your Rights

Public Charge Guides

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services implemented a new Public Charge rule on February 24, 2020. Loyola Immigrant Justice clinical students (Christopher Riley, Leila Duntley, and Thomas Tai) developed materials with the goal of helping community members and practitioners, better understand how this rule affects them or their clients. If you are interested in receiving a personalized legal consultation, please call (213) 252-7409 and leave your name and contact information or email

Client GuidePractitioner Guide