Multicultural Center and Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Rooms

The Multicultural Center's Inauguration is Monday, Sept. 11, 2023. The goal of the Multicultural Center, located on the 5th floor Casassa, is to foster a sense of community on campus among students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds and cultures. Members of the Law School community are encouraged to make use of the space to further their understanding and appreciation for the diversity of cultural identities here at Loyola.  The Multicultural Center is open to all and will be used to keep exploring ideas of multiculturalism, and to cultivate a community that is rich in diversity, equity and inclusivity.

The Multicultural Center has 5 bookable rooms. 

Please adhere to the following when using the Multicultural Center:

  • You can reserve your room here
  • Student organizations can use the room for general meetings and small events.
  • If you'd like a private, small event, be sure to book all the rooms at the same time and day. 
  • The room is an "as is" room and no setups can be done; however, furniture can be rearranged to better suit the event.
  • The room is not available for study. Study rooms can be booked through the library. 
  • Please clean up after yourself. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Associate Director of Student Services and DEI, Alejandra at

Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room

Loyola Law School has always embraced religious diversity on campus. In addition to the Chapel of the Advocate, we now have an Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room, Casassa 405. The space was created to accommodate the spiritual needs of the Law School community, to communicate inclusivity and to foster our commitment to diversity on campus. The space is available to religiously diverse staff and students, and is also a place to meditate or reflect for those who do not identify with a particular religion. Please be courteous to others who are making use of the room and follow the general guidelines below:

  • The room is available on a walk-in basis; reservations are not permitted
  • Please limit your time to 30 minutes when others are waiting
  • No fire candles or incense can be used in the room
  • No eating or drinking in the room

LLS Campus Ministry provides Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:10 p.m., in the Chapel of the Advocate, and invites members of all faiths to attend.