Entertainment Law Fellows Program

Entertainment Law Fellows Program

The Entertainment Fellowship Program is a unique partnership program between Loyola and top Hollywood studios and law firms designed to create a pipeline of highly qualified, ready-to-perform lawyers by training the next generation of business leaders in the entertainment industry.

Loyola Entertainment Fellows are selected based on a mixture of academic and experiential qualifications. Loyola and industry partners work closely throughout a fellow’s Loyola academic career to ensure each student gains a strong foundation in relevant and innovative areas of the law, as well as entertainment industry experience and mentorship. The Entertainment Fellowship Program will provide students with a broad understanding of issues and opportunities facing Hollywood and the technical skills to excel as future leaders in the entertainment industry.

Selected students are paired with an industry mentor at the start of their first academic year. Entertainment Fellows will meet regularly with their industry mentors to discuss trends in the industry. Entertainment Fellows are recommended for a position in legal or business affairs during their tenure at Loyola. 

Loyola will host specialized training for Entertainment Fellows. The first-year engagement with faculty mentorship, industry mentorship, unique networking opportunities, and specialized training aims to prepare students to meet the needs of their entertainment law-related placements.

Fellow Selection

Students must have an LSAT at the top quarter of Loyola’s admit class (160 or above) and can submit the following:

  • Statement of Interest (1 page explaining your interest in Entertainment Law and any prior experience pertaining to Entertainment Law)
  • Resume

 The deadline to apply is TBD.