"Alexandra "Zandy" Wong (she/her/hers) is a second-year undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University where she studies neuroscience. She is passionate about creating a world where accessibility is universal and having a disability is celebrated. Outside of class, she conducts auditory neuroscience research within the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is an internationally recognized speaker, sharing her story of growing up with hearing loss on the TEDx stage, industry panels, and podcasts to encourage acceptance of people with disabilities.  She is also the founder of the NextGen Accessibility Initiative where she partners with Gen Z education-focused organizations to make their digital content fully accessible for over 61,000 youth in 119 countries. She also assists with assistive technology policy efforts as a policy fellow for the Hearing Loss Association of America." 

 Headshot of Zandy smiling at the camera

ID: A headshot of Zandy Wong, a cis-gender Asian woman with short black hair. She is wearing a blue shirt with a collar and is smiling. She is in front of a beach with yellow sand and blue water.