MA/JD Program

Loyola Law School and the Graduate School of Education at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) offer a dual degree program in law and urban education. Graduates of the program receive the Juris Doctor degree (JD) from the Law School and the Master of Arts in Urban Education (MA) with a teaching credential from Loyola Marymount University.

The dual degree program prepares candidates to become educational advocates in traditional settings such as schools. The dual degree will also create opportunities for graduates to advocate for educational equity in non-education settings such as in public policy arenas or courtrooms. Key features of the program will allow candidates to obtain a teaching credential, Master of Arts in Urban Education and a Law degree in 4 ½ years.  The program will allow a candidate to remain in the classroom beyond the two-year TFA commitment because the JD/MA program is designed for candidates who are working full time.

The program is only open to current Masters in Education students at LMU.  Applicants may apply to the program immediately after completing their first year of the MA program. 

Feel free to review the application instructions and the course sequence for the MA/JD program.

Course Sequence

(SOE - School of Education; LLS - Loyola Law School)

Semester/YearNumber of UnitsTotal for the Year
Summer, Year 1 4 (SOE)  
Fall, Year 1 6 (SOE)  
Spring, Year 1 7 (SOE) 17 units for Year 1
Summer, Year 2 0  
Fall, Year 2 10 (LLS)  
Spring, Year 2 9 (LLS) 19 units for Year 2
Summer, Year 3 3 (LLS) & 3 (SOE)  
Fall, Year 3 11 (LLS)  
Spring, Year 3 11 (LLS) 28 units for Year 3
Summer, Year 4 3 (LLS) & 3 (SOE)  
Fall, Year 4 11 (LLS)  
Spring, Year 4 11 (LLS) 28 units for Year 4
Summer, Year 5 1 (SOE)  
Fall, Year 5 11 (LLS) 12 units for Year 5


Not all classes below are required for degree completion. Classes required by the Law School for JD completion are noted with an asterisk.

Year 1: School of Education (Credential Classes, total of 17 units)
Summer Semester (4 units)
EDUR 5010: Introduction to Teaching and Learning (2 units)
EDSS 5002: Theories of Second Language Acquisition (2 units)

Fall Semester (6 units)
EDES 525X or EDUR 5014: Contect Area Methodology (3 units)
EDUR 6998: Literacy (2 units)
EDCE 5970: Fieldwork 1 (1 unit)

Spring Semester (7 units)
EDUR 5016: Special Education (3 units)
EDUR 5012: Language and Culture in Education (3 units)
EDCE 5971: Fieldwork 2 (1 unit)

Year 2: Law School (total of 19 units)
Summer Semester (0 units)

Fall Semester (10 units)
1L01 Property* (5 units)
1K01 Torts* (5 units)

Spring Semester (9 units)
1B01 Contracts* (5 units)
1J02 Legal Research and Writing* (4 units)

Year 3: Law School and School of Education (total of 28 units)
Summer Semester (6 units)
EDLA 6427: Advocacy (3 units)
4C11 Principles of Social Justice (3 units)

Fall Semester (11 units)
1J01 Civil Procedure* (5 units)
2C03 Constitutional Law* (4 units)
4I63 Intelligence, Testing and the Law (2 units)

Spring Semester (11 units) 
4J16 Remedies (4 units)
1D01 Criminal Law* (4 units)
4I09 Race Gender and the Law (3 units)

Year 4: Law School and School of Education (total of 25 units)
Summer Semester (6 units)
EDUR 5018: Research in Urban Education (3 units)
4B02 Law of Sales- Domestic and International (3 units)

Fall Semester (11 units)
2J04 Ethical Lawyering* (3 units)
2J03 Evidence* (4 units)
4D07 Criminal Procedure (4 units)

Spring Semester (11 units)
4H12 Law and Literature (4 units)
4I25 Family Law (2 units)
4I53 Special Education and Disability Rights Law (2 units)
4I24 Employment Law (3 units)

Year 5: Law School and School of Education (total of 12 units)
Summer Semester (1 unit)
EDUR 5020: Research Project in Urban Education 

Fall Semester (11 units)
4L07 Trust and Wills (4 units)
4A03 Business Associations (4 units)
4I65 Law and Sexuality (3 units)

How To Apply

Application Instructions